Gotcha Force save files cannot be copied using the GameCube's built-in memory card manager. This is problematic because many players have spent years building up their collections of borgs and crystals. If anything were to happen to a save file that were not backed up, the entire collection would be lost. Luckily, by using Wii homebrew programs, players can back up their Gotcha Force saves. You will need the following:

  • A Wii
  • An SD card
  • An SD card slot on your computer or an external SD card reader

Here's what to do:

1. Follow the instructions under "Letterbomb" on this page:

When you go to the Wii message board, you may have to scroll to the previous day to see the red envelope.

2. When you get the option to install the Homebrew Channel, do so. You do not need to install BootMii.

3. Once the Homebrew Channel is installed, turn off the Wii. On your computer, go to this page:

Find the download link for GCMM (GameCube Memory Manager). Right now, it's on the left and says "", but a new version might be made at some point. Download the file.

4. On your SD card, check to see if there is a folder called "apps" on the root level (i.e. it's there as soon as you start browsing the card's contents). If there isn't, copy the "apps" folder from the GCMM folder onto the SD card. If there is already a folder called "apps" on the root level of the SD card, open the "apps" folder in the GCMM folder and copy its contents into the "apps" folder on the SD card.

5. Put the SD card into the Wii and open up the Homebrew Channel, which should be on the main menu. Select GCMM.

You can now copy saves from a GameCube memory card to the SD card and vice versa. Once you're done, you can copy the saves from the SD card to a computer; they're in a folder on the SD card called MCBACKUP.

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